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good morning. the wild fire near yosemite exploded overnight. the new numbers that showed the rim fire is nearing historic preportions. we're live in marin city where authorities are looking for a man responsibility for a brazen shooting. a frightening attack near a college campus in the south bay have students and people that live in the neighborhood on alert. we'll show you who police are looking for. the threat to shut down the government. what issue is pushing 80 republican congress members to make the big threat. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. we're looking at a pretty picture of the bay bridge this
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morning. this is from the rooftop here at ktvu news. just five days away from that bridge shut down. we will tell you how you can avoid the expected traffic troubles spots coming up in our next hour. it is friday, august 23rd i'm pam cook. >> it is friday. good morning, i'm dave clark let's check weather and traffic. steve, are you expecting any weather problems? >> no it's kind of quiet here. we have a pretty good fog bank out there. the low responsible for our way up in the pacific northwest and out of the picture. it got cloudy here. so temperatures stuck. 50s to 60s to start off with. we will start to see that fog burn back. and then mostly sunny. here is some fog near the coast but there will be some sun as well. 60 to 90. we are all 50s on the temps. santa rosa 56. san francisco 58. 61 san jose but not far away. so low clouds. kind of cool and breezy. upper 50s and 60s on the mild side. you get that west wind. morning fog and then sunny. a little bump up in the temps
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inland. the breeze out of the west, northwest. so temperatures today will be in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. here is sal. steve, we have a problem on 580. i will tell you what is going on here. this is 580 right now just past 24. the crash is just west of highway 24. it was reported as two separate crashes. but i think it's just one. it might as well just be one. there is the incident as we pan over to it. 580 is very slow now as they clear this crash. this crash i don't think it will be out there for too long. they are already talking about toeing vehicles. it will take a little bit to get it out of there. they have not issued a sig alert for it. you can see joe is panning to the left for us. and it does not look good right now. so if you are driving to the bay bridge, you may want to think about using highway 13
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ashby avenue and getting out to the bridge that way. if you know your way around oakland and berkeley use ashby and powell and get on the bridge that way. let's move along to another problem. all lanes of northbound highway 101 are back open after a deadly crash overnight. the crash happened shortly before midnight on highway 101. chp says a pedestrian was on the road when he was hit and killed. officers say it's unclear why the person was on the highway. but officers also say that person is cooperating that person two hit the pedestrian is cooperating with the investigation. in san rafael the chp says it appears driving may be to blame for a crash that sent a van into a power pole. crash happened at about 3:00 this morning on southbound 101 near the parkway off ramp. officers say it appears the driver fell asleep, lost control of his van, and hit a power pole head on. he was rushed to the hospital and we don't know his injuries.
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6:03 let's go back to the desk. we will begin with new information about that huge wild fire raging out of control just outside of yosemite. a map at the fire command center shows the rim fire has grown to 105,000 acres. that is a big jump from just yesterday. containment slipped from 5% now it's down to just 1%. this fire has destroyed at least two homes. it is threatening thousands more. now this is now one of the biggest fires ever in the yosemite area. firefighters from all over the country are battling this fast moving fire. and governor brown officially declared a state of emergency. highway 120 that is the main road kicking the bay area to yosemite. it is still closed negroland. yosemite national park remarkably is still open. and rangers say the park is mostly smoke free. now we're getting a birds eye view of that huge fire near
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yosemite. look at this. this is from inside the cockpit of a california air national guard plane that is making air drops over the huge flames. the c130 can drop 3,000 gallons of fire retar dent in a matter of seconds. this big fire is just one of many burning across the country. the federal government has literally run out of money to fight the fires. coming up at 6:15 we'll see how the feds are responding to this fire crisis. a vallejo man was shot several times while sitting inside his car. now officers who want to find the person responsible. ktvu tara moriarty is in marin city with more on why investigators are now asking for the publics help. tara. >> reporter: we are here at the substation hoping to get briefed on this case. we know a 21-year-old man from vallejo was sitting in his car while he was shot several times in the chest. he was taken to marin general hospital and just before surgery he was able to speak
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with investigators. now this shooting happened around 7:30 last night in a parking lot off drake avenue. the bullets threw near a group of 20 pep including children. the gunman ran off and able to evade dozens of authorities. as well as the highway patrol. the description of the suspect is pretty vague. an african american man in a black hooded sweatshirt and a ski hask. we have no motive in this shooting and we're ate waiting for an update on the condition of the sick. coming up we will tell you what investigators found in the bushes near the scene of the crime to help provide clues. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. emergency dispatchers in santa clara county are threatening to go on strike to protest a mandatory overtime. the dispatchers say they are forced to work hundreds of hours of overtime a month because of under staffing. right now there are 61 dispatchers to cover 73 full-
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time positions. county officials say they are trying to hire more dispatchers but qualified candidates are hard to find. in the meantime county officials say they will seek a court junction against a strike by those dispatchers. a warning that automated flight controls have become so reliable they may lure pilots into a false sense of security. problems with monitoring equipment could have played a role in the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 last month in san francisco and the crash of a ups cargo plane in alabama last week. safety experts recommend that pilot training focus more on monitoring cockpit technology. ntsb has not yet determined what caused the asiana or ups crash. police need your help tracking down a man that attacked a woman. janine de la vega joining us live from santa clara this morning. that warning has been sent out to people connected with the
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campus, janine. >> reporter: yes, 9:has. summer school is about to end here. there are still students here roaming around. campus police did put out an alert letting the students and staff know about a woman who was sexually assaulted on the edge of campus temperature the sexual predator is described as a white man and he is six feet to six feet two inches tall. 200 pounds with an athletic build. he has light brown hazel eyes and dirty blond hair with a foe hawk. he was clean shaven and has a narrow pointed nose. on wednesday night shortly after midnight a woman was walking on franklin street when the suspect approached her sexually assaulted her, and then ran away. police are not releasing whether or not the victim was a student. this is the latest in a number of attacks on women in the past month and a half. on august 1st a female student was grabbed from behind by a man but she was able to fight him off.
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and in july santa clara police say a woman was raped when a man climbed through his apartment window. no one has been caught in any of the incidents and right now there is no known connection. in the latest case police want anyone who may recognize the man in the police sketch to contact them and call them. reporting live from santa clara janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:09. he still says he is innocent. he is the man at the center of that investigation into the disappearance and death of a federal investigator from oakland. 56-year-old randy alana has been in jail for more than two weeks on a parole violation. he has not been charged in the death of his one-time girlfriend sandra coke. alana says he went to church with coke the very day she disappeared. her body was found in vacaville a few days later. during an interview with ktvu alana says even though they have not named me a suspect, they have treated me like one.
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we reached out to sandra coke's family about alana's comments. in a written statement they say why would we or anyone else believe what he has to say? an environmental group has a new proposal to keep petaluma birds alive during construction on highway 101. the group says many birds that nest under the petaluma river bridge have died in loose netting. one proposal is to do the work outside nesting season. another is to create artificial nesting structures. $130million project is expected to last at least two more nesting seasons. officials have more mosquito fogging plant for tonight in san jose. this is all part of the battle to contain the spread of the west nile virus. tonight's fogging will start at 11:00 p.m. in the area around the san jose municipal golf course. so far they have one confirmed case of west nile virus. there are 14 cases statewide
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including two that were deadly. they are used to being in difficult spots but a group of mixed marital art students never seen this coming. a world war ii hero becomes the target of a brutal attack. the reason two teenagers are now the focus of a police investigation. good morning. traffic is moving along slowly on 50 coming out of oak -- on 580 coming out of oakland. we'll tell you more about how long it's likely to be there. a lot of low clouds and fog in place. temperatures which cooled down yesterday have leveled off. they warmed up a little bit. ♪
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♪ welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are looking for two teenagers accused of beating a world war ii hero to death. police say the attack on an 88- year-old man happened wednesday night in the eagles lodge parking lot. he suffered serious injuries to his head. he was taken to the hospital where he died the next morning. >> every time i come into the county to have a project for me to do i thought of him more as a dad than a friend. >> police are hoping new surveillance video will help lead them two the teenagers.
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investigators are i trying to figure out if the murder may have been racially motivated. three teenage boys have been arrested for the crime just a few months ago police believe one of the suspects wrote hateful comments. officials are trying to figure out if his death may be connected to a gang initiation. time 6:14. explosions outside two mosques in lebanon have killed at least 20 people and injured 200 more. this is brand new video out of tripoli. you can see the explosions caused a lot of damage. the attacks come amid rising tensions of a result of serious war. lebanon is divided between supporters and critics. a military jury will start the second day of deliberations in the case of army major nidal hasan that admits to a deadly
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rampage. major hasan acted as his own lawyer. he said the killing of 13 people and the wounding of 30 others at fort hood, texas was necessary to protect muslim insurgents from american soldiers. a conviction of premeditated murder could lead to the death penalty. a new effort by republicans in congress to block president obama's health care law as ktvu kyla campbell reports. 80 house republicans wrote a letter to their leader, kyla. >> reporter: dave, more than one-third of house republicans asked speaker boehner to avoid any budget deal that helps implement obama care. this is setting up a fiscal fight for the fall. a new budget is due september 30th and the very next day health care exchange opens so people can shop for insurance. if the republican controlled house tries to defund obama care, it's all but certain the
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democratic controlled senate won't sign on and neither would president obama. it's doubtful lawmakers would come one a long-term budget in september. they are only scheduled to work in washington for two weeks. leaders from both parties hinted a temporary extension of the current budget giving them a few extra months to agree on a long-term spending plan and avoid a government shut down. here's a look at the letter the house republicans sent speaker john boehner. they are calling obama care aegirines. i will explain their reasoning at 7:15. today president obama continues his two-day bus tour. talking about making college more affordable for middle class students. he speaks first in new york and then later in scranton, pennsylvania. we have breaking news to tell you about. we are following now a multicar crash in oakland right now. ktvu brian flores on the scene.
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brian, you are on 580 near 24? >> reporter: yeah, that is right. westbound 580 off 24. you can see several highway patrol cars here. tow trucks here. emergency crews yust left about five minutes ago. this is a multivehicle crash involving at least five to seven cars and at least one motorcycle. the latest that we are hearing as we look at some of the damage some video we shot a few minutes ago. we understand that motorcycle driver is the one that is seriously hurt. i spoke with paramedics. they tell me at this point the motorcycle driver is in serious condition and is suffering a broken leg. he was found several feet maybe 50 yards or so from where the motorcycle ended up. as you take it back out here live you can see that traffic obviously very hectic out here this morning. here on 580. off the 24 westbound 580 off 24. they will be taking care of
6:19 am
this quickly. they will be clearing the scene in the next 10-15 minutes to clear off the traffic here. not exactly the great start to the friday that a lot of commuters are asking for. at least one person injured. that person taken to a nearby hospital. paramedics tell me that motorcycle rider right now is in serious condition suffering from a broken leg. we will get you more information as the morning continues. police in union city are investigating a snake scam. they say a woman impersonating a city worker duped two elderly women living at a home on deborah drive. the imposter came to her home saying he was checking out an infestation of snakes in the area and then an accomplice robbed them of their cash and jewelry. time now 6:19. that huge fire near yosemite is one of many burning around the
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country. now there is more from washington, d.c.. the federal government has run out of money to fight the fires. the national parks service and other federal agencies are scrambling trying to find the money needed to respond to what has been a disaster of a fire season. the feds now say more than 30,000 fires have burned more than three million acres all across the country this year. just a reminder stay right here with ktvu channel 2 news all morning long for complete coverageover that fast moving fire -- coverage for that fast moving fire. claudine wong is all over it and she will have updates. 6:20 is the time right now. sal, covering the commute and certainly that problem where brian flores that will be a big problem. >> it's a big problem already pam and dave. brian showed us the pictures. i want to show you the road sensors and how they are firing up red here on 580. now right here is where the crash is. i'm using the wrong pointer. let's use this one instead.
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right here is where the crash is. the traffic backup begins just right here and especially if you are coming in on 24 getting this way. it should be kind of a tough drive for you. they are making good progress in clearing the accident. so if we are driving on highway 24 westbound the traffic looks pretty normal. it is slow right here. beginning on the way to the caldecott which is right out there. let's move along to live pictures. the traffic on westbound bay bridge is not all that bad. as a matter of fact, the traffic continues to move along very nicely on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. if you are driving in san jose 280 in downtown san jose on the right you can see it looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning everybody. happy friday. we do have a quiet pattern here on a week that was kind of crazy. lots going on. not much change into the weekend. early next week looks cool. cool to below normal on the
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temps. 60s and 70s & 80s. tomorrow we may enhance that fog bank. some of the temperatures from yesterday. santa rosa 76. palo alto 75. today will be a little warmer. we will go 78. this is in town. 79 san jose. 82 concord. this is just a slight bump up but i think they come right back down. the temps not going anywhere due to cloud cover for almost everybody. 64 to 61 on the temps. fairfield breeze has been coming down. coming down. it was about 32-22 now 18. that is a sign things will warm up a little bit. there is still a big fog bank in effect. all the way down to santa cruz and monterey. well into the sow lyonnais valley. if you are heading over to las vegas it looks like it will be over with. it has produced rain south and east of them. it looks like it's moving up. but still cloud cover there. our low is pacific
6:23 am
northwest from seattle and portland. all of this red means high fire danger. 42 in tahoe. 54 ukiah. 56 sacramento. one low moves out, a little system right there on the way this. that will probably give us drizzle late tonight and tomorrow. today a little warmer. still that fog will be slow to peel back over the coast. so the breeze picks up. i think it will be a little less today than yesterday. which means a lot of 80s inland. but temperatures where many 70s yesterday will be into the low 80s today. does look cooler sad. i think we keep it right there for awhile. >> thank you, steve. 6:23 is the time. big news coming in from microsoft and the stock is surging on news of a retirement. also a puzzling problem off the shores of hawaii. how a recent shark attack on a german tourist is only adding to the mystery. ñáçwçñ
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:26. scientists in hie are puzzled by recent surge in shark attacks in the state. just last week a german tourists was attacked after snorkeling off the shores of maui. seven other people were hurt by
6:27 am
sharks since january. state officials have not been able to identify any particular pattern but they say all the attacks happened in different times of the day, different conditions. new this morning the head of microsoft is stepping down. ceo steve palmer just announced he plans to retire within a year. he took lead of the company 13 years ago. no word on who will replace him. he will wait for that when he leaves. investors already reacting to the thinks. my crop soft stocks -- microsoft stocks set to open up better. we'll have the new numbers coming in from the command post this morning. we are live off westbound 580 near the 24 where a multivehicle accident is causing accidents. delays. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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welcome back. we are getting ready to ring the opening bell. a lot of talk over the nasdaq. stocks halted for hours. there is the opening bell live. talk of improving that and the big news this morning microsoft ceo steve palmer stepping down within 12 months. as soon as they find his replacement. and investors seem to like it. the stock looks like it will open pup. a couple dollars a share. about 9%. let's check in with steve paulson for the friday forecast. >> all right pamela. thank you, dave. we have a lot of low clouds in place. cloudy to mostly cloudy. up in the pacific northwest
6:31 am
50s. about 55-61 covers the techs coast, bay inland. san francisco has been stuck at 66 for the last two days. low clouds are making a surge inland. once that burns back it does -- so that is a sign it will be a little warmer inland. temperatures 60s and 70s and 80s. let's go first to the toll plaza and the traffic is going to be busy as you get up to the toll plaza. it's a lot lighter than it normally is. it's already 6:30. we have a bigger crash a bigger backup here at the toll plaza. if you are driving on interstate 880, i would say that is a great option. we have a problem on 580.
6:32 am
i'm just about to show you. 880 itself is looking good. we talked about the crash here on 580 as you drive to the 24 interchange. let's go live to brian flores who is on the scene. >> let's take a look. the chp and tow crews making quick work of this accident scene here. they will be out of here in the next 10-15 minutes. from what we understand this involves at least five cars and one motorcycle. still trying to piece together exactly what happened. according to chp they believe that perhaps the motorcycle went in a front of a large pickup truck. that pickup truck then got spooked and rear ended the motorcycle and then that caused a multivehicle crash this morning. again causing at least five cars. we understand that motorcycle
6:33 am
rider at this point was taken to a nearby hospital. he is suffering from a broken leg. paramedics say he's in serious condition. and so we it back out here live again. take a look at the traffic coming off of the 24 interchange. coming up 580 traffic again picking up here. again there is also a stalled a big rig just over there just a few minutes. that is also causing traffic headaches as well. we have a few minutes here. officer with the chp talking about the big rig that is making a big headache mess off of 580. that is also causing headaches as well. as you can see right now. we will talk more with officer logar here and get more information. but for now we toss it back to you. >> thank you. hundreds of firefighters continue to battle a huge wild fire still raging out of control just outside of yosemite. the fire continues to grow despite overnight efforts.
6:34 am
claudine wong has been monitoring the fire from our newsroom. claudine. >> reporter: we are getting word the firefighters are getting briefed at base camp. we do have new information for you about how big the fire is right now from a map post. i want to show you that map that was put up. a little tough to see. there is a red line that circles the area where the fire is. it gives us an idea of how big the fire has gotten. what is really important to take a look at is at the top of that map. there you can see the date and 105,620 acres. that is the total area. keep in mind yesterday that was about 54,000 and then bumped it up a to 63,000. now that number telling us the situation is worse. here's what we are waiting for. we are waiting for more information about containment. at last check it was only 1% contained. it was down from 5%. we did know there were a couple thousand homes threatening and
6:35 am
structures. we do not know if that number has also grown because of course when the acreage grows other things are in the fires path. we know the conditions have been very tough for fight fears. it's been a very dry winter so there is a lot of fuel out there. the terrain is very, very steep. it's been difficult to get firefighter where is they need to go. the growth of that fire very frustrating. over night is when we say we have a chance to make progress. the fire does what he calls lays down. when the sun comes up, that creates more problems and oftentimes the fire flairs up. we'll have to wait to see what the plan is today. we'll continue to monitor what is happening and we'll make sure to check in with you coming unon mornings on 2 -- coming up on mornings on 2. >> this fast moving fire also disrupting many late summer vacation plans. tourists heading to yosemite
6:36 am
have been turning around and going back home. that lead to a decision to cancel a bluegrass music festival planned for this weekend. the government may ask for help outside the united states to help battle the wild fires across the west. large wild fires burning. the one up in yosemite and idaho. firefighters are now stretched thin. they are now considering asking canada for reenforcement they may also ask the u.s. military for 200 ground troops to help with that fire fight. the search goes on for a gunman after a man was shot right in front of several people last night. ktvu tara moriarty is in marin county to tell us what that suspect may have left behind that may help police catch him. tara. >> reporter: we are here at the substation for the sheriffs deputies. they are looking for anyone with more information of this shooting. they launched a huge search last night but were unable to find the gunman. what they did find was a gun in
6:37 am
the bushes near the scene of the crime who it belongs to. at this point it's unclear. now this all unfolded around 7:30 last night. the gunman opening fire in a parking lot off drake avenue. bullets flew near a group of 20 people including children. only a 21-year-old vallejo man was wounded. >> deputies arrived on scene and town a gunshot victim. he received two shots to the chest. >> reporter: the victim is at marin general hospital where he has under gone surgery. investigators have been able to speak with him. witnesses say the suspect is described as an african american man in a black knitted sweatshirt. black cap, black jeans, turquoise shirt and a ski mask. possibly carrying a handgun. right now we have no motive in
6:38 am
the shooting. live from marin city i'm tara moriarty. oakland police are saying the latest crash down on local gangs is just beginning. investigators served ten warrants yesterday. it's part of operation cease fire. seven people were arrested. police say the suspects are part of a gang that committed a crime a day and many were violent robberies in oakland. contra costa and santa clara counties as well as the san joaquin valley. 17 people suspected of being in a rival gang were arrested last march in a similar police sweep. some oakland business owners want the city to pay for outdoor security cameras. a lot of businesses already have the cameras but say they don't have the money to operate them. business owners say the cameras can be an important tool to help fight crime. it now started a crowd funding account trying to raise the money they need. a san francisco marital arts studio will have a lot of cleaning up to do after a
6:39 am
frightening car crash. an suv slammed into the studio just barely missing students inside. it happened last night just as class was about to get under way. >> my student was leaning down right on the window. i just called him come over here. so they went over there and good thing i just called him and boom the impack happened. >> no one was hurt. they say this is a dangerous intersection because it's on a hill. time now 6:39. we are continuing our coverage of the labor day weekend bay bridge shut down. we are five days and 13.5 hours away from next wednesday nights closure. avoiding traffic jams throughout the bay area next week may have become a little easier. the agency that runs the 511 telephone and online service they have upgraded the system. now they are using new sources of data for the realtime traffic information in addition
6:40 am
to the roadway sensors, fast track and radar. the company responsible for the new information predicts traffic next thursday and friday on the golden gate, san mateo, and dumbarton bridges will look like a very congested monday morning commute. gridlock is also expected in marin county throughout saturday. now at we've posted a very extensive section on the bay bridge. there are routes around the closure which is scheduled to begin from wednesday #8:00 p.m. to the following tuesday 5:00 a.m.. but the crews are hoping to open the new span as early as monday night. this could be the last day on the job for san diego's mayor. the possible deal that could lead to his resignation. police are warning people who live near a college campus in the south bay about an attack that happened. we'll show you the picture of the man that police want to catch. good morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza we do have slow traffic building
6:41 am
right now. we'll tell you more about a crash in oakland and a new stalled big rig. plenty low clouds in place. fog. the sea breeze seems to be a little less today. so does that equal a little warmer inland temps? we'll have that for you coming up. 5ñ
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6:43 am
welcome back to the morning news. 6:43 is the time.
6:44 am
a frightening encounter has prompted police to put out a warning and a suspect sketch. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us now from santa clara to explain how this is not the only recent attack. janine. >> reporter: yes. this is the second incident that happened in the last month. this latest incident happened here along franklin street. you can see how close it is to the santa clara university campus. police are not saying if the victim was a student but they are concerned for the safety of people in this neighborhood. police released this sketch of a man they say sexually assaulted a woman just after midnight on wednesday. offices say she was walking along franklin street when a man approached her and attacked. campus police have sent out an alert to students and staff making them aware of what happened. this is the third attack that happened to a woman in the last month and a half. a couple blocks away a student was battered by a man but able to fight off her attacker and
6:45 am
then in late july a woman was raped after an intruder entered her apartment on homestead. now it doesn't appear any of the incidents are connected according to police. officers are describing the suspect in this latest incident as a white man who is six feet to six feet two inches tall he has light brown hazel eyes and dirty blond hair. he was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans during the time of the attack. we have reached out to santa clara police to get more information and we are still waiting to hear back. if you recognize the man in that sketch, you are asked to call them. reporting live from santa clara janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. new allegations against the santa cruise surf school instructor. dillon was charged with having a sexual relationship with at least one 14-year-old girl and secretly recording other young girls. now police are also saying he
6:46 am
took inappropriate photos at the santa cruise boys and girls club. he had been a volunteer there for the past six months. time is 6:45. san diego mayor bob filner could agree to resign today if the city council accepts terms of a deal to settle a sex harassment lawsuit against him. that is according to several sources familiar with those negotiations. 18 women have accused mayor filner of inappropriate behavior and unwanted sexual advances. reportedly the deal calls for the city to pay some or all of filner's share of the damages in the lawsuit against him. the city council will meet in a closed session around 1:00 this afternoon. new this morning north and south korea have reached a deal to allow reunions next month of families separated by the korean war. you are looking at video of one
6:47 am
of the very emotional reunion. this was back in 2009. next month 100 people from each country will be allowed to spend time with family members for five days at a mountain resort in north korea. that is out of the thousands who regularly asked to be in those reunions. meantime the united nations says the number of children who are refugees from the war in syria has topped one million. this is video of a refugee camp in lebanon. children make up half of the children that make up syria. syrian americans here in the bay area are holding vigils to honor the victims of the latest reported chemical weapons attack in the war there. tonight, there will be a vigil at 8:00. also at 8:00 at liberty bell
6:48 am
plaza in walnut creek. now tomorrow a vigil will be held at san francisco's union square. that starts at noon. it is now 6:47. time to check in with tori campbell for a look at what is coming up. >> reporter: coming up in minutes we will hear from outgoing fbi director robert muller to find out what his biggest concern is for the safety of americans and also what keeps him up at night. plus saggy pants may not just be a fashion faux pas. soon they could be against the law. we will tell you which cities are considering banning this style and the rational behind the move. it seems like science fiction but efforts to clone former beatle john lennon are moving forward thanks to a dentist in canada. we will tell you what he is up to. those stories and more coming up. >> very interesting. time now 6:48. sal, you have interesting traffic stuff going on. >> all right. we do. the fact it's going to be a rough ride in oakland today.
6:49 am
because of earlier crash. now there is word of a stalled big rig where the crash was. westbound 580 near 24. 24 is taking a beating in this area. i just want to mention that the traffic is going to be very slow on 24 especially coming on down from the caldecott. just down the hill here when you get to this area. this area right here is where the crash was. there is a stalled big rig and you are going to see some slow traffic. let's go now and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a ten minute delay. no major problems getting into san francisco. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good. traffic is also moving well as you drive on northbound 101 in san jose. 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. happy friday everybody. we have a lot of low clouds in place. interesting week starting off. it looks very quiet here.
6:50 am
even below normal. fog then sun. just a wee bit warmer today. morning fog, sunny, breezy at times. if you're interested, the 384 model that goes out 15 days but high pressure on us and warmup. today we have a lot of low clouds and and no reports of any drizzle yet. temperatures yesterday cool down. we'll send these up a little bit. 76 yesterday. santa rosa will go 80. this is over by reed hill view to 79 in palo alto. 50s and 60s. fairfield 56. the breeze there is really tapered off. there is a hint it will be warmer today. inland from santa cruz to monterey seeing a low cloud deck. las vegas kind of interesting if you are heading there. a lot of thunderstorm activity. may be significant rain sunday
6:51 am
into monday. travel plans there -- you might encounter cloud cover. and thunderstorms. our low is up in the pacific northwest giving them some rain and also high fire danger and concerns with lightning. into montana and idaho. for us things are quiet here. 60s, 70s, 80s to almost 90 degrees. one low moves out. this system will sweep in and give us a cool down. today slight warmup. the breeze isn't as bad as yesterday. a few pockets of it will be 15- 20 miles an hour. morning fog and then sunny. 80s inland. 60s and 70s coast and bay. just a little warmer away from the coast today than we had yesterday. a cool down kicks in saturday and very hole hum quiet pattern. 6:51 is the time right now. scary moments for a giants star. very scary. but the good news matt cane received after getting hit with that line drive.
6:52 am
also honor a bay area police officer. the very special guest that will be bringing the spirit of officer moody to that event.
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back. a live look at the big board. dow jones up six points. boy a lot of news this retail.
6:55 am
gap is up after raising its outlook. and microsoft ceo steve balmer announcing his retirement. that stock is up 7%. nasdaq also opened back up this morning. about 17 points at this point. so far all the trades going through unlike the break down yesterday though the nasdaq froze trading for three hours after a computer glitch. companies that trade under the nasdaq include the biggest names in business. apple, ply have soft, facebook. calls the problem a conducttivity issue. the sec says it will finalize rules requiring exchanges for tighter trading. a ground breaking ceremony will be held in richmond. it's for a project named after a police officer who died nearby when his patrol car crashed. 29-year-old richmond police officer brad moody died on a rainy night in 2008. he lost control of his patrol car while responding to a call.
6:56 am
several people who received donated organs from moody, they will be at this morning's ceremony. the officer bradley a. moody memorial under pass will go under railroad tracks that cross marie that bay parkway. the number of lawsuits are growing in connection with a deadly fire. it destroyed an apartment building in july. 22 losses have been filed so far in the owners of the hallmark house apartments. one man was killed, 21 others were hurt. almost 100 people were displaced by that fire. the tenants claim the owners were negligent and should have installed sprinklers even though they are not required by law. california is the first state in the country to call for limits for a certain type of chromium in drinking water. chromium six was made famous. it's a cancer causing chemical and has been found in 51 of the states 58 counties. california health officials have proposed a maximum level
6:57 am
of ten parts per billion. new this morning milwaukee brewer super star ryan braun admits taking performance enhancing drugs during his mvp season in 2011. braun issued a public apology yesterday admitting he took a cream containing banned substances. last month he would only admit he made mistakes while accepting his 65 game suspension. giants star pitcher matt cane recovering this morning. he got hit by a line drive last night in the lost to the pirates. got him good. cane left the game after getting hit on the forearm in the fourth inning. it was pretty bad. luckily he didn't break any bones but he has a nasty bruise. bruce botchy says it's too early to know if matt cane will miss his last start. guess what the beard is back.
6:58 am
brian wilson now with the dodgers returned to the majors for the first time since having a second tommy john elbow surgery. he struck out two batters. his beard looked longer. he actually tied the bottom with a rubber band. i'm knot making it up. coming up next boy more bad news from the fire lines. what a map at the command post is showing. also gunfire leads to a man hunt in one bay area city. why police want your help this morning. ñáçwçñ ??
6:59 am
7:00 am
. a bad fire situation is getting much worse near yosemite national park. claudine wong will have the new numbers coming from the demand postthis morning. we're live in marin city where sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who was shot while sitting in his car. an attack at one of the top universities, why the police are turning to the public for help. and we have had just one

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